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Design X Social 2022

UMO Design announces Design X Social 2022

design x social dxs22 umo design Jun 04, 2022

Theme: Designing for Crisis

Design interventions for an empathetic, sustainable, and delightful citizen experience

We barely emerged from the pandemic’s trauma, we have been severely hit by several other crises. Be it the Ukraine war or the Sri Lankan economic situation we are going through one of the toughest times. Such man-made disasters have disrupted the global economy and the well-being of the people which is bound to take a long time to heal.

The plight of Ukrainians and their neighbors including that of Russians is extremely bad. It has caused widespread destruction and severe irrecoverable disruption to their lives. Whereas the Sri Lankan crisis caused extreme financial and social disorder limiting access to basic needs, healthcare, and personal and financial security.
Opportunity to rebuild and heal the world with design
Can we take inspiration from resilient economies like Japan after the world war or Norway after the Covid pandemic? Can our creative design community design resilient and sustainable systems at an individual, society, and national level? We have an opportunity to design from scratch.

Calling designers, social architects, and change-makers to design a new world
We call designers, design students, and anyone inspired to take part in this Design X Social Innovation challenge. Here’s what we can do. You can send in your ideas in any of the following categories.

  • Reimagine/ redesign systems for basic needs i.e., Healthcare, Finance, Education, and Security
    • How can these systems help individuals/communities face such disasters?
    • How can we make these systems robust and sustainable?
  • Re-design government systems and policies
    • How can these systems and the governance be citizen inclusive and/or even citizen-led with people as stakeholders?
  • Healing post-disaster trauma 
    • How can we help people overcome the trauma left by such disasters?


Do you think you can make a difference in the lives of citizens during such disasters?

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