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UX Design Program
Taught by Industry Experts

Embark on a transformative journey with our UX course, designed to evolve your skills into a proficient UX Designer in just six months. Benefit from the guidance of Design Heads and experienced UX mentors.

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UMO Design Grads
UX Job Guarantee

UX Job Guarantee

Get a job within 6 months of graduation, or we offer a money-back guarantee!

UX Career in 6 months

UX Career in 6 months

Transform into a UX Designer in Just Six Months.

1:1 Mentorship

1:1 Mentorship

Receive 1:1 personalized mentorship and craft your UX portfolio.



Become a part of world's biggest UX conference community


Taught by the Industry's Best

Your gateway to a career in design

UMO Design Grads is the perfect stepping stone for recent graduates, final-year students, career switchers, and design enthusiasts to launch into the dynamic field of user experience design.

🚀 Learn from the Best in the Industry

A comprehensive design certification program taught by top leaders, accredited, with personalized guidance and a capstone project.

🚀 Job Guarantee

Choose our Job Guarantee program and secure employment within 6 months of graduation or receive a full refund.*

🚀 6 Month Program + Internship

An intensive 6 months certification program, structured into modules and delivered through a hybrid model.

🚀 Graduation at UXINDIA2024

Receive your certificates at UXINDIA2024's UMO Design Grads convocation and engage with top employers at India's premier UX event, for immediate job and internship openings.

Course Commences

Saturday, January 27th, 2024  India / New York. 


Hybrid, In-person, Online, Instructor-led, and 1:1 Mentoring.


Course Completion Certificate 


Beginners (New to Design, UI, & UX)

Learning Model
Experiential  1:1 Mentoring
Cohort Learning

Mentor Guidance Social Learning
Talks from Experts

6 months


10 – 12 Hours/Week


INR 75,000  or  $2106 USD

Check out scholarships for developing countries.





Who is it for?

Are you a recent graduate seeking to gain design skills and increase your employability? Are you considering a career switch to UX Design after spending a few years in IT? Are you a design enthusiast eager to acquire essential design skills and succeed in this field?

UMO Design Grads is designed for design enthusiasts, job seekers looking to enter the world of design, and career changers seeking to pivot into the thriving design industry. Whether you're a budding designer or an individual passionate about design, our program offers a pathway to acquire essential design skills and succeed in this creative field. 

The curriculum and the chapters are meticulously crafted using the latest insights collected from global design leaders. Part of the curriculum also covers AI tools and leveraging the same to create exceptional user-friendly designs that not only help brands but society too. The curriculum also provides exclusive insight into insider tips and knowledge shared by UXINDIA23 speakers on the role of AI and Design.

UMO Design Grads


Digital Interface Designer Jobs by 2030 - The US Bureau of Labor Statistics  


LAKHS MICROSOFT’S AVG SALARY for UX UI Designers with 10-yr experience 


Khaba Oinam

Head of Design, Aspire

Madhukar Joshi

Director - Design Strategy and Ops, Kyndryl

Sherene Kuruvilla

Associate Director Product Design, Whatfix


Principal Design, Microsoft

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Anupama Mishra

Senior UX Designer, Paypal

Satish Bhavankar

Director, Avas Digitech International

Adesh Bhansali

UX Lead, Lollypop Design Studio

Akshaya Krishnan

Creative Director & Facilitator, Insight Coaching Solutions

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Receive your certificate at the biggest UX Design Conference in the World 


Our Design Students will receive their certification at UXINDIA24. Over the years, UXINDIA has gained a reputation as the biggest UX design conference in India, offering a platform for learning, collaboration, and growth. It's a space where industry stalwarts and budding talents come together, sharing their expertise, experiences, and dreams, enriching the design landscape with each passing year. As UMO Design graduate students obtaining certification at UXINDIA24, you will have unparalleled exposure to design leaders. You'll also have the opportunity to discover potential job and internship opportunities on-site.

UMO Design Grads

UX Certification Program

Complete your UX Design Certification in this thoroughly planned 24-week mandatory course.

UMO Certified UX Product Designer

Design Essentials

8 weeks


UX Design
4 weeks
User Research
4 weeks
UI & Visual Design
4 weeks
Design Leadership
4 weeks

What do you learn in 6 months?

We have crafted a 6-month course that will enable you to develop the right design skills through a comprehensive and hands-on curriculum.  


Month 1:

Design Essentials

🟡 Design History
🟡 User Centered Design & Design Thinking
🟡 Introductions To Design Principles
🟡 Design As A Profession
🟡 Design Tools

Month 2:

User Research

🟡 Qualitative Vs Quantitative Research
🟡 Primary Vs Secondary Research
🟡 Types Of User Research
🟡 Synthesis
🟡 Persona
🟡 Report Writing

Month 3:

UX Design

🟡Design Thinking
🟡 Design Process
🟡 Problem Statements
🟡 Ideation
🟡 Information Architecture
🟡 Design For Accessibility
🟡 User Journey Map
🟡 Lean UX
🟡 UX At Work

Month 4:

UI & Visual Design

🟡 Color Theory
🟡 Typography
🟡 Heuristic Design
🟡 High-Fidelity and Low-Fidelity Designs
🟡 Wireframing And Prototyping
🟡 Design System
🟡 Responsive Design
🟡 Design For Mobile
🟡 Usability Testing

Month 5:

Design Leadership & Ops

🟡Product Development Cycle
🟡 Measuring Success
🟡 Design Maturity
🟡 Design Sprints
🟡 Stakeholder Management
🟡 Storytelling
🟡 A/B Testing

Month 6:

Capstone Project & Design X Social

🟡Industry projects for practical learning.
🟡 Capstone designed by leading organizations.
🟡 Design X Social: Global contest for social impact.
🟡 Collaborate on challenges for a chance to win prizes.
🟡Strengthen practical skills with real-world design experiences.
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What We Offer

1 on 1 Mentor Support
1 on 1 Mentor Support

Personalized guidance and mentorship to advance your skills.

Monthly In-person Class
Monthly In-person Class

Engage in real-time, interactive learning with our expert instructors.

Guaranteed Job
Guaranteed Job*

Unlock career opportunities with our job placement support.

Design Internship
Design Internship

Gain hands-on experience through internship.

Free Access to UMO.Design Events
Free Access to UMO.Design Events

Meet industry experts at UMO events like WSummit, UXINDIA, UXFam meetups and more.

UMO Design Community Support
UMO Design Community Support

Unlock career opportunities with our job placement support. Payment plans vary for guaranteed job features.

Weekly Virtual Classes
Weekly Virtual Classes

Attend virtual classes weekly for consistent learning.

Additional Resources for Continuous Learning
Additional Resources for Continuous Learning

UXINDIA24 tickets, UMO merchandise, and additional learning material exclusively created for UMO Design School Students.

Networking and Collaboration
Networking and Collaboration

Connect with peers and professionals to foster collaboration and growth.

* Conditions apply. Payment plans vary for guaranteed job features.

Only UMO Design Grads Provides Community Support for Our Learners 

With the UMO Design Grads program, you are never alone. You get connections and support of 90,000 members who are also part of UMO Design community. The learning system is designed in such a way that you are never alone in your journey as a budding UX Designer.


Design Grad Buddy is assigned at the beginning of the course. Together you will learn and ideate. Buddy will be there to help you create exceptional designs and resolve your doubts at the initial stage itself.


Learn the intricacies of UX Design and more. Resolve your doubts, gain a practical understanding of your lessons.


Get 1:1 support on design, portfolio and more. Clear your doubts in individual sessions with mentors especially assigned to guide you.  

UX Fam 

Get your projects to shine among the UX Fam, the UXINDIA attendees, and the UMO Family, comprising design leaders, mentors, volunteers, sponsors, investors, and professionals.

UMO Design Network

Gain the spotlight as an exceptional UX Designer in the community of 90,000 members strengthening your chances of increasing your employment opportunities.


UXINDIA is an annual event organized by UMO Design that witnesses participation from students, professionals, industry leaders, and mentors in the ever-evolving realm of design. UXINDIA Conference stands as a connecting point that not only educates but propels individuals into the dynamic world of design, fostering growth and meaningful connections. UXINDIA 2024 is going to be the world's largest gathering of UX folks.




Ankita Chandavarkar

After nearly a decade of practicing architecture, I shifted my career to UX Design. UMO Design School’s UX courses helped me make this transition. It can be intimidating to make a career switch, but UMO Design School ensured that it was a smooth journey.

Kalyani Vangara

My UMO Design School experience was profoundly transformative. It offered more than education, creating a nurturing environment where I acquired crucial UX principles, including design fundamentals.

Bhuvana Shankar

The UX Plus program at UMO Design School is one of the best online design courses I've ever taken. The course materials and the instructors are top notch.

Vineely Ram Varanasi

The teaching style, assignments, real time examples by connecting with the industry and the way doubts are clarified.. all helped to develop a focused interest, better understanding of the subject while gaining confidence.

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UMO Design Grads is a Part of 1MW – 1 Million Women in Design Mission   

The UMO Design Certification Program aligns with the 1 Million Women in Design (1MW) mission, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in design. This initiative aims to educate and engage individuals, particularly women, fostering design literacy. By supporting this program, 1MW promotes diversity, skill-building, and opportunities for women, amplifying their presence and impact within the design community.

UMO Design Grads offers a 5% discount to female design students. Use the code UMOFORWOMEN during the enrollment process.

1MW Mission

Payment Options


₹ 75,000 + GST

₹ 125,000

or $2106 USD
  • One Time Plan
  • Employment Ready
  • 1:1 Mentor Support
  • Certification convocation at UXINDIA24
  • Free resource access
  • Access to all workshops and UMO Design events
  • Portfolio Assistance
  • Free access to UXINDIA2024 (worth ₹ 25000)
Enroll (₹) Enroll ($)


₹ 30,000 + GST

Post Standard Course Completion

Money Back Guarantee on ₹ 30,000 if you are not employed in 6 months
Pay ₹30,000 once you complete the Standard course and secure your job guarantee.
Everything included in Standard, plus:
  • One Time Plan
  • 2 months Internship
  • Prepared for employment


₹ 9,998/m + GST

₹ 19,999

For 6 months
  • STANDARD: Pay ₹9998 today and secure your spot, followed by 6 monthly installments of ₹9998 each.
  • JOB GUARANTEE: Pay ₹30,000 once you complete the Standard course and secure your job guarantee.
Enroll For Standard

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