Do you want to become an expert in Design Systems?

Stefan Ivanov has agreed to take up an immersive and hands-on workshop in the form of an online Masterclass. This 5-week masterclass will introduce you to the process of building and using Design Systems to scale up your design process and use it as an enabler for your team. 


1:1 Mentorship

Get mentorship Stefan and become an expert in building Design Systems.


6 Weekends

Receive 5 weeks of immersive learning and 6 live classes.


20 Students only

The masterclass is exclusive to only 20 students on and first come first basis.


Exclusive Offer

Exclusive offer to the live talk participants only. Enroll now to receive the 15% limited time offer, and it ends on 31 January. Since we are left with 10 seats, act right now. 

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Stefan Ivanov

Throughout the past 10 years, Stefan has facilitated numerous online and offline design training and led organizations to define the UX/UI vision for their products both as an employee and consultant. For more than 6 years, he has been with Infragistics Inc, a global leader in UI frameworks and design tooling, where besides building a design team and establishing UX processes, he also led efforts to create and evolve a Design System, as well as tooling around it to streamline app creation.


What more you get?

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On completion of this masterclass, you’ll walk away with

  • Understand design systems fundamentals and framework
  • Use an established process for making UI inventories as a way to do discovery and collect insights
  • Define a branding foundation for colors, typographies and layouts
  • Create smart UI components with a design tool such as Figma or Adobe XD
  • Design more complex components with repeating elements
  • Combine components into patterns to improve your team’s efficiency
  • Use whitespace, padding and margins wisely
  • Craft screens and layouts
  • Create interactive prototypes
  • Facilitate remote user tests

15% Discount on the Masterclass

You are at the last step. Enroll now to receive the 15% limited time offer. Since we are left with 10 seats you need to take an action right now. You are also saving 18% GST if you enroll right now.

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