Building Scalable Design Systems from Scratch



This 5-week masterclass will introduce you to the process of building and using Design Systems to scale up your design process and use it as an enabler for your team. We will start with an in-depth discussion of the fundamentals and then follow a process for creating one on your own. Following best practices for design, we will start by doing research to collect insights and go on to create and iterate a set of components, patterns, and brand assets to make our system truly scalable and customizable. This approach will afford not just a more consistent and efficient design process, but also improve collaboration with the rest of your product team. The course is suitable for mid-level and senior UI/UX designers, as well as for design leads and managers striving to create a coherent process that their team follows to craft digital product experiences


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5 weeks


6 – 8 Hours/Week

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Course duration

5 weeks



6 – 8 hours per week

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Mid & Senior-level UI/UX Designers
Design Leads
Design Managers

who wish to learn about Design Systems



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On completion of this course, you’ll walk away with

  • Understand design systems fundamentals and framework
  • Use an established process for making UI inventories as a way to do discovery and collect insights
  • Define a branding foundation for colors, typographies and layouts
  • Create smart UI components with a design tool such as Figma or Adobe XD
  • Design more complex components with repeating elements
  • Combine components into patterns to improve your team’s efficiency
  • Use whitespace, padding and margins wisely
  • Craft screens and layouts
  • Create interactive prototypes
  • Facilitate remote user tests


Week 1 – Introduction and Overview of Design Systems. Creating a UI inventory.
Week 2 – UI Foundations: Color, Typography, Layout and Grid.
Week 3 – Components and Display Density.
Week 4 – Patterns and White Space.
Week 5 – Screen Layouts and User Testing.


Meena Kothandaraman
Stefan Ivanov

UX Manager, Infragistics Inc.

Throughout the past 10 years, Stefan has facilitated numerous online and offline design training and led organizations to define the UX/UI vision for their products both as an employee and consultant. For more than 6 years, he has been with Infragistics Inc, a global leader in UI frameworks and design tooling, where besides building a design team and establishing UX processes, he also led efforts to create and evolve a Design System, as well as tooling around it to streamline app creation.
With his systematic and analytical approach towards design, Stefan will be your inspiration to learn how to structure Design Systems, build them for scalability and think about them holistically as an instrument to scale your design organization and help you be more efficient in the creation of consistent digital experiences. Stefan holds an M.Sc. degree in Media Informatics with a specialization in UX Design and HCI from RWTH Aachen University in Germany. He is a keen traveler and cook, striving to live a healthy lifestyle.