Women In Design (WiDESIGN Fest 2022)

Meet The Epitome Of UX Designers & Design Leaders

Hosted by UMO DESIGN. 45 Speakers | 7 Weekends |Saturdays 8.30pm IST /11.00am EST









7 Live Sessions

Get access to live talks, panels, and workshops by established women leaders.

45 Speakers

Lean from accomplished women leaders in the UX design and related fields 

100 mins on Saturdays

Just spend 100 minutes on Saturdays to upskill 


The mission of UMO Design Foundation is to educate and empower a million women/girls/deserved with the design skills and confidence necessary to get a job by 2030.


Women today have made significant strides in growing their contributions and influence. However, for all the accomplishments and progress made in women empowerment, they still are underrepresented in various domains across several levels.

This women’s day, UMO.Design is going to dedicate the month of March to all wonderful women with the launch of “WiDesign Fest 2022” on the occasion of International Women’s Day.


UMO.Design is incredibly proud to have played its part over the years by celebrating women’s empowerment in design. WiDesign Fest 2021 manifests our gratitude to all the women who have set a benchmark in design and related domains. Our mission is to inspire and educate one million women and girls to become designers by 2030. To take this movement forward, we aim to provide $150,000 USD scholarships to educate 100 women aspirants in Design essentials and UX design via our UMO Design School this year.


UMO WiDesign’22 Scholarships

Apply to be a part of the first 100 UMO WiDesign’22 Scholarships

4 months of Design Essentials & UX Course

1 : 1 Mentorship

3 Capstone Projects

3 months internship

Job Guarantee


Contribute to UMO WiDesign’22 

Join the LIVE sessions and support this noble initiative by Registering (USD 10 only) for all the upcoming Live sessions by the Global Woman Leaders.

You will get to meet 45 exceptional personalities. 




Meet The Epitome Of UX Mentors & Designers!

The ultimate opportunity to kickstart your Dream Design Career ends today. Don't hesitate to take the first step towards it.

Apply now to join the First 100 UMO WID Scholarships 
Wherein 4 months of Design Essentials and UX Course will get you certified along with 1:1 mentorship by Design leaders. Undergoing a capstone project will be a crowning achievement for culminating the integrative experience of the curriculum.

Internship & Job guarantee
We ensure 3 months of paid internship for the students scoring 85% & above. In addition to this, we'll guide you to prepare for the Job and a guaranteed job.

UMO Design Foundation has built one of India's largest design communities and around with a strong global presence and representation from international designers, academicians, and thought leaders. 

With the launch of our showcase event, "WiDesign'22", as part of International Women's Day scheduled from 8th March to 30th April 2022, we aim to introduce you to the global design heads via Live talks on Saturdays. 

Our mission is to inspire and educate one million women and girls to become designers by 2030 by offering scholarships worth 150 000 USD. 

Support this noble initiative by paying just $10 and get yourself registered for the upcoming Live session by topmost Design leaders on Saturday, 16th April 2021. 

Join us at Saturday 06:00 PM IST / 8:30 AM EST 

Hope to see you in the session! 

Your Takeaways:
  1. How can we begin a career in Design?
  2. How much or no technical knowledge is required?
  3. How can Design help to resolve the real problems of people?
  4. How imperative it is to be user-centric?
  5. How can a Design team help in enhancing one's capabilities?


 Looking forward to seeing  you at the conference.



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